NCDA 2017 Orlando Global Conference

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NCDA's Guide to Conference Sessions - and a Sneak Peak at a Select Few!

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Exhibitor are welcome - see the 2017 Exhibitor Prospectus.

Presentations are the most familiar and frequent sessions.  Lasting 75 minutes, there are close to 90 choices starting Wednesday afternoon and going through Friday morning. Featured presentations (those selected for their importance to our field right now) are listed below.

Roundtables are two 30-minute presentations.  Attendees have the opportunity to have a more interactive session at one roundtable then choose a second roundtable after the first round is completed within the 75 minute Program Series time frame.  Roundtables are offered at the same time as Presentation sessions. Roundtable Sessions have been restructured to better accommodate up to 20 attendees per Roundtable. 

Professional Development Institutes are additional in-depth learning experiences.  These provide 4 additional continuing education contact hours. These are not included in the conference registration.  They require an additional registration and fee and are only offered in two sessions, one on Tuesdayafternoon and again on Friday afternoon.

Career Talks: Modeled on the popular Ted Talks, these quick presentations (15 minutes) provide the opportunity to share new ideas on a wide-range of career topics. Have a new theory to share? Want to spark a conversation around a particular issue? Have a new way of using a traditional tool? Think about it in a Career Talk! (See the list of these sessions below)

Graduate Student Poster Sessions: Graduate students just joining our field have a great deal to share with NCDA members. If you are a graduate student, we highly encourage you to share information about your research, your practice, your program, or other thoughts on the field! We have several great sessions to showcase this year – see the details below.

Cyber Showcase: Tour the NCDA website, practice using the new conference app or learn how to get published in the NCDA web magazine, Career Convergence. Attend a short 30 minute event, or stop in anytime with your questions about the cyber side of NCDA.


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